Corrections Policy

Corrections Policy
In journalism, no matter how much prior investigation we do, mistakes are likely and sometimes they do happen. Whenever someone draws attention to it, in Svnews24 we do not hesitate to accept it and respond accordingly.

Mistakes are rectified by the Svnews24 Fact Check team as quickly as possible and with a high degree of transparency. We attach great importance to the feedback from our readers, which is found in the comments section at the end of any news, video or post. Requests for amendments or updates in any news can be directly mailed to the e-mail id

Svnews24 monitors its massive presence on social media platforms and we welcome the feedback and criticisms received from our readers. If there is a change in the rating due to a major revision or a significant change in a story, it is prominently marked as ‘Correction’ at the top of the news and we clearly indicate the change and also explain why the change to be done. With this, the history of each amendment is clearly and transparently visible.

If any new facts come after the news is published, any information comes that adds solid new layers or angles but does not change the rating, then mark it as ‘update’ at the end of the news.

Only those amendments that are generally not considered very important by the editors, such as a typo error, a spelling mistake, a grammatical mistake or any other small change.